Triantafyllos Paschaleris

IT Pro

Information Technology expert, capable of managing technology projects from concept to completion with noteworthy deadline sensitivity. Strong analytical skills combined with experience in Programming and Business Intelligence.

Compatible team player with excellent communication skills. An active lifelong learner with interest in Data Science.


Triantafyllos Paschaleris
in 1988
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hobbies & interests

  • Electronics
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  • Programming
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  • Computers
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  • Robotics
  • Physics


Expert Windows user, managing many Computers
First experience back on Windows '98
Fluent with modern environments and demanding configurations.
Experienced in setting up and managing Windows Servers.

Experienced Linux user on Debian and Ubuntu distributions.
Have worked on many Ubuntu Servers as Virtual Machines (local or on AWS) or Dedicated machines, including my own home lab.

Many web pages and applications built in HTML & CSS & JavaScript. Frequent usage of PHP for server side magic.
Expert on Wordpress and fluent on other CMS platforms, especially Jekyll and Joomla. Experienced with e-commerce and Magento.
Developed and co-developed a variety of web applications.

Fluent with the Pythonic dialect (Python), taking my first flight back in 2011 with my first import antigravity in 2.7 and 3.2.
As a user of Anaconda spending less time maintaining modules and different environments, i have had enough time to gain experience over Pandas manipulating requested data.
Supporter of MicroPython over microcontrollers.
Volunteer as a Python's teacher.

Advanced Microsoft Office user. Holder of ECDL certification.
Capable of understanding and fulfilling complex demands in modern Office Applications.
Advanced Data manipulation in Excel providing valuable insights. Experienced with complex and stylish valuable Workbooks.
Fast prototyping and creation of Relational Databases in Access with modern-standard GUI.
Understanding the feature-set of Outlook and configuring it to meet user's modern requirements.

Good understanding of Data Science.
Experienced with many analyses and presentations using Tableau, MS Power BI and Targit. Very capable with Queries and Pivot Tables in Excel, and using Graphs and Trendlines.
Valuable experience with Python's Pandas and visualisation using Seaborn.
Basic knowledge on using R within RStudio.

Good understanding of Electronics. Experienced with a variety of different boards (controllers, shields, mainboards, components).
Enthusiast for Making projects, assembled many projects using Arduino boards such as Nano, Mini Pro, Uno and Mega. Most of them were successful :)
Using my experience in C++ and learning more about Electronics.

With network enabled Raspberry Pi I was able to gain experience into Internet Of Things combined with my knowledge on Electronics and scripting with Python.
Advanced steps into Making with RC Vehicles and Robotics have been taken.
Private mini linux servers have been created alongside with mini computers for media consumption.

Experienced with computer network setups from designing, based on needs, using GNS3 to implementation and troubleshooting.
Basic knowledge on PBX.

As part of my B.Sc. on Mathematics degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and my childhood's love on maths i naturally process real life problems (professional or personal) with logic and mathematical thinking.
Comfortable with the mathematical parts in programming.